Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Bliss

A bathroom is a haven- a small retreat in which to relax and cleanse ones body and spirit. The bathroom vanities, linens and other accoutrements must allow one to feel pampered and gratified every day. The bathroom sojourn should be indulgent and should allow a mellow and mellifluous beginning to each day and should emit a luxurious element that far exceeds mere bathroom requirements.

The sinuous curves of our bathroom vanities can be combined with many other styles to reflect individual taste and personal fundamentals. They are not to be considered just ‘cupboards’ in which to store the unsightly creams, razors, pastes and brushes involved in the cleaning and beautifying processes or receptacles in which to hide dirty towels and soiled clothing. The beauty and classicism of French furniture lends itself to appealing combinations and stunning style amalgamations. The subdued and harmonious neutrals of our pieces can be enlivened with glamorous primaries in linen and accessories to create a small Hollywood movie set, with harmonious earth tones evocative of verdant forests in autumn or with extravagant purples and pinks depicting chateaux inhabited by past kings and queens.

The indulgent contours and curvaceous edges of our unique and exotic pieces combine harmoniously with the mere mundane and ordinary, and because of their exquisite form and luxurious supplements such as delicate yet ornate handles, pristine porcelain basins, fine-spun door beadings and quirky retro ball-and-claw feet, all else in the room is elevated to increase enjoyment in the entire bathroom experience.

Double units allow intimate sharing yet afford the pleasure of ones own space whilst single units encourage the delicious myth of having ones own luxurious boudoir in which to enjoy feelings of affluence and well-deserved opulence.

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