What Is Laminate Flooring

The floor provides a background for home décor ideas to shine and impress. The right floor plays a big role in laying the foundation on which home improvement ideas are built. The floor guides the homeowner as to which additional décor pieces to acquire. The wonderful thing about choosing a floor for the home is that there are so many options to choose from.

For rooms that used regularly by a lot of people and rooms that are exposed to moisture, ceramic tiled floors are recommended. Tiled floors are especially favoured for the kitchen because they are easy to clean. Fitted carpets, as opposed to loose carpets are harder to clean. They are ideal for winter warmth and comfort for the whole family. Marble floors are associated with elegance and luxury but they are an expensive investment.

Many homeowners and home décor specialists love wooden floors for their strength, durability and versatility. Unfortunately, depending on the choice of wood, wooden floors can be extremely costly and high maintenance. Laminate flooring is a cheaper alternative to wooden floors. Layers of different types flooring are fused for strength and then, images of wood are printed on a clear protective layer on the floor to create the illusion of wood. The top layer of the floor must be cleaned thoroughly before the lamination process. Melamine resin, fibre board and glue are important when installing laminate flooring.

Perstop, a Swedish company made laminate flooring for the first time in 1977. The company’s previous experience included laminating different surfaces for many years prior to that. Not only is installing laminate flooring a simple and affordable process, but it is also easy to get the necessary materials and supplies at reputable home improvement stores.

Cleaning laminate flooring is not a tedious chore. Wiping the floor with water or suitable floor cleaning product is enough to help laminate floors retain their attractive shine. Particles like dirt and sand can leave nasty scratches on laminate flooring over time and it is important for homeowner to try and keep the floors dust-free.

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