What Is a Pressure Valve

Most commonly found in households with water and heating systems, used to regulate water coming in from the main pipeline supply into the valve, when it comes out the opposite side it comes out with water pressure reduced. Without this device or if this device is faulty air can get into the pipe system which can cause very irregular water flow where by the water will burst out or the water will come out as a very low pressure causing your shower not to work properly. In the valve it’self there is a spring, diaphragm which are connected to the Pintle or another device that regulates the flow.

These all work together by adjusting themselves in order to achieve the desired water pressure. In the case where water needs to be pumped up or down a high rise building you would obviously need a more advanced pressure valve than a normal household one in order to suit the situation, one that has stages in order to drop the pressure accordingly. To put it very simply for all to understand the valve lets the water down from a certain height in various stages.

Faulty valves normally cause the water system to make noises and vibrations, the materials and components are as follows THE BODY is made of bronze, Valve Seat is stainless steel, The Spring is made from galvanized alloy steel. When you have high water pressure at your house this can be very damaging to your pipes and fittings as it can wear away your piping and can cause leaks due to the pressure of the water.

This can reduce the life expectancy of your equipment a great deal thus this pressure valve can save your equipment and save you money for you every month. As well as save the cost of energy and wasted water bills. To do your own installation you can follow a simple 7 step guide which is very available on the Internet.

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