What Comes After Stainless Steel?

The larger manufacturers are placing different bets on various potential successors to upscale, shiny appliance finishes. This actually surprised many people with its incredible resilience when used in kitchen designs. This new technology was a very important moment in the kitchen and bathroom design industry. Stainless steel is still one of the most dominant of all looks. However, many people feel that the stainless steel look has certainly outworn its welcome.

In the past the appliance industry has certainly attempted to promote different looks in the past. Past pitches from the appliance industry included antique copper’, ‘oiled bronze’ and such for kitchen renovations. The Whirlpool Corp is the world’s largest market of home appliances. They also recently introduced the Ice Collection of appliances which includes the glossy white. Whirlpool wanted to reiterate the White is certainly the new stainless look.

However, Wolf Appliance was adamant that Black is the new stainless steel. The previous weekend General Electric also introduced ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves in a rather muted grey which is called ‘slate’. Miele says it will also roll out new high gloss finishes in the US.

The new colours in the kitchen and bathroom renovation designs might not be as vibrant as the green avocado style and harvest gold eras. It will try to blend into their surroundings and instead standout such as a trophy of technology as the manner that stainless steel tended to do.

It will always be a gamble to introduce a new finish. The development might take up to a year or more. Shops and stores at times grant extra spaces for a lot of new ideas. However, manufacturers typically have to work within various numbers of slots. This means that an unsuccessful product is able to put the company’s overall sales at risk.

It is still important to note that no company in particular completely disregards stainless steel in the kitchen design and renovation industry. This industry is always busy with innovation and is ever changing. You need to keep on top of all the different fads and styles.

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