What Are Mixer Taps?

There are many different types of that taps are used in bathrooms and kitchens in homes. It is very important that you have the right taps for your home as they can ensure that they work well for your home. Having the convenience of a well running tap that helps you do your day to day activities in the kitchen and in the bathroom will make your home more enjoyable.

Mixer taps are one of the most beneficial types of taps for the home. These are taps through which both the hot and the cold water come out through the same spout. So, instead of having two taps, one for hot water and another for cold water, you will simply have one tap for both. Mixer taps are very easy to install and can help you get the perfect balance between hot and cold when you open the tap.


In order to get either the hot or the cold water coming out of the single spout, you have levers that are turned either left or right for hot or cold water. This is one of the most common forms of mixer taps as they are not only modern looking, but they are also very convenient. You can simply flick it up or down to open and close the tap.

You can also have the handles of the tap mounted onto the water separately but still have one spout for both the handles. The tap handles will have either a red dot to represent hot or a cold dot on the other handle to represent cold. Sometimes it is a simple H for hot and a C for cold to help you know which one which.

You can have a spray head fitted onto the mixer tap in your kitchen very easily because of the single spout. This will help make the rinsing of dishes much easier and quicker. You can also have one installed for your bathroom to make the washing of hair easier.

Mixer taps would be a very good addition to your home’s kitchen and bathroom because of their convenience. They will also add some modern beauty to the sinks.

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