Types Of Floor Tiles

Stone, metal, wood and porcelain are all examples of the many different materials used in the manufacture of floor tiles. Perlite and mineral wood are softer and lightweight materials. ‘Tile’ comes from a French word ‘tuile’ which in turn is derived from Latin word ‘teguile’ which means clay tablet. Clay is also a material used in the production of tiles. Cork and granite are adventurous options.

Floor tiles come in many different materials, colours, styles and design. Mosaic designs depicting memorable times, special occasions and pop icons are fast becoming popular for the exterior of the home.

Fitting new floor tiles is a great way to renovate the home and enhance its appearance drastically. Homeowners will enjoy choosing the perfect tiles for the interior and exterior floors. Choosing the best floor tiles allows the warm and attractive ambiance from the inside of the home all the way to the outside. Most tiles do not demand a lot attention. They are easy to clean which is much appreciated by mothers of young, messy children.

Ceramic floor tiles are ideal as a flooring option and are preferred by contractors and homeowners alike. Ceramic tiles are the most popular types of tiles. Ceramic tiles differ greatly and get their distinguishing names from their varying water absorption rate. The water absorption rate for earthenware is 10 per cent. This makes it easy to manage and shape. Earthenware is pleasant to decorate. The water retention rate for earthenware makes it ideal for the interior of the home.

Stoneware has a much lower rate of water retention and it is favoured because it can also resist the effects of extreme cold and heat. Floors in office spaces, shopping malls and anywhere with a lot of foot traffic are best covered with stoneware because it is very durable. Porcelain stoneware ceramic floor tiles are recommended for bathrooms, showers and kitchens. Porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles do not absorb and retain water and this is why they are the best solution for rooms and spaces that are exposed to a lot of moisture.

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