Types of Earthmoving Machinery for Hire

Building and construction machinery can be very expensive and buying this equipment can really dent a small business’s budget. Earthmoving equipment is particularly high priced and very heavy. This is why buying such machinery is not always the best thing to do; especially if it will not be used very often as building projects vary.  Hiring construction and earthmoving equipment gives the consumer access to a wide range of products and advice from industry professionals. Businesses must know exactly what machines are necessary for the successful completion of any job. Types of important construction and earthmoving machinery are detailed below.

Backhoe loaders
These are strong machines used for loading, offloading and transporting heavy materials. Some backhoe loaders are adapted for digging projects. Backhoe loaders are a familiar sight on South African roads undergoing construction.

Dozers and Loaders
Bull dozers and crawler loaders are versatile machines that can perform a host of earthmoving and construction tasks. They are available in many models and sizes and are capable of very large loads. Bull dozers employ a string of steel links that function as wheels which enables dozers to move along any kind of terrain. Bull dozers are built for use during the construction of tarred road surfaces have power shift transmissions so that they are smooth and easy to operate.

Excavators are easy to manoeuvre and are ideal for large scale excavations or projects that require extensive digging or land to be moved. Hydraulic excavators are prefect for big, industrial tenders whilst mini-excavators with speeds of around 40 km per hour are recommended for smaller projects.

Tractors are the most common type of earthmoving equipment. They are excellent at digging and they are truly a wonder machine because there are various tractor attachments that enable the tractor to perform many other functions.

These machines are used when digging trenches for major pipe connections. They also the best equipment for making trenches along which municipal supply lines flow. Trenchers are so tough that some of them can cut and dig through concrete and stone.

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