Deciding On That Perfect Paint Colours

If you are planning on painting your home, office, exterior of your building or even a nursery, then you have a lot of choices where paint colours are concerned. Choosing which paint colours to go with is really a reflection of one’s own personal tastes and personality. If you are a developer or interior designer that need to make these choices for a client, then there is even more pressure to get it right.

There are so many choices available to you to choose from, you might even be asking how do I make a decision? The answer is not a simple one, but an answer nonetheless. One of the best ways to go about investigating the different paint colours is to consult a colour wheel with all the different types of colours displayed on it. Using the colour wheel you can test your reaction to certain paint colours and colour combinations.

Another way you can go about deciding which paint colours to use are to make use of samples. Buy samples of the paints and make wide brushes on the surface you intend to paint. This will give you a realistic sample of how the colours will look once you finish painting the entire area. It will also work out much cheaper buying a few paint samples than buying one colour, going through all the work of having the building painted then finding out you don’t like the paint at all and having to start from scratch again.

A more severe step you can take is to consult a professional interior designer. These specialists deal with issues of paint colours and similar stylistic elements of decorating homes and buildings on a daily basis. While it might cost you a fee for the services of a professional interior decorator, again it will certainly cost you much less than having to do your paint job twice or even three times. When considering which paint colours to use for your building, remember your personal preferences, likes and dislikes, especially if it will be you who will be staying there.

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