Types Of Damp

Damp walls are one of the reasons why people tend to get health problems within a house hold without noticing what the cause is. There 3 types of damp walls found inside a house namely:

  • Traumatic damp – This is dampness cause by water from an inside source that reach the wall/ceiling. Rain can also cause this if the roof is not water proof.
  • Penetrating damp – Water from rain fall or snow reaching the walls. SmallĀ  patches that are some distance away from the point of entry, but patches around windows are the ones that allow for the water to penetrate.
  • and finally rising damp – This is caused by water from the ground that rises to the wall causing the paint to come off as well as mold when it is at a critical phase.

with this said it is advisable to seek professional help for damp proofing.

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