Prisoner Hides Smuggled Phone In Butt

World’s most unfortunate butt dial?

An unfortunate prisoner at Welikada jail in Colombo national capital of Sri Lanka got into trouble this week, when he tried to conceal a cellular phone in his rectum.

The Agence France-Presse reports that the 58-year-old convict had hidden the phone as well as a hands-free telephone receiver in his body cavity. The devices were found the moment jail guards detected a suspicious ringing.

“Guards knew he had a phone at the wrong end,” associate unidentified guard told the AFP.

An X-ray later taken of the unfortunate prisoner in a nearby hospital revealed the phone and handset in all their glory. No word on what happened to the phone in question.

Other prisoners at Welikada additionally appear to hold their cell phones quite seriously. In November, a minimum of 27 folks were killed once prisoners rioted throughout a probe for illegal phones and medicines, reports Reuters.

Apparently, Brazilian prisoners are pretty obsessed with their phones, as well. In January, a prisoner apparently tried to export in a cellular phone, earphone, memory card, charge, drill and saw on the rear of a cat. Per Reuters, the miserable, duct-taped feline was “detained” by authorities who quoted a jail reporter saying, “It’s hard to seek out who’s chargeable for the action because the cat does not speak.”

In the U.S., whereas it’s a criminal offense to possess a cellular phone in federal jail, illegal phone seizures have accumulated dramatically, per the Washington Post. However this has not prevented prisoners from trying to export phones in their “privateer” areas. Gizmodo got the inside tip from a Sergeant Don McGraw of California’s San Quentin state prison. The Sergeant said, inmates typically use bathrooms as channels to pass phones from friends on to other inmates in order to use:

“An inmate’s associate on the inside can very well have taped a package (of phones, drugs, tobacco, etc.) to the rear of the women’s bathroom, as an example,” aforementioned the Sergeant. “When the inmates come back to wash, they toss it in with the remainder of the trash, then rummage through it later. Then, once nobody’s watching, whoop, up the butt it goes.”

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