Tips to Install Laminate Flooring

Laminated floors are very popular, and mainly so because they are very easy to install and maintain. No special skills are needed and it can be done in just a few hours. DIY laminate flooring is available in many stores and warehouses in Cape Town. This type of flooring generally comes with connectors enabling the installer to install it in no time.

If you want to install laminated flooring in your house, make sure that you contact a reputable laminate flooring manufacturer (there are some really good ones in Cape Town). Ask the manufacturer of your choice which of the three options of laminate flooring; pre-glue, glue or glue-less, would be the right one for your particular project.

If you want to get rid of all your old flooring, you have to allow yourself enough time to rip up the old material whether it is previously installed laminated flooring or other material. Once this is done, you can start installing your new laminated flooring. Before starting any installation, always double-check that you have the correct amount of laminate tiles or squares. The last thing you want to do is halt in the middle of installation to run to the store again.

It is a good idea to keep the laminate tiles in their original packaging for at least a couple of hours or overnight. This helps the flooring to adjust to the atmosphere and temperature of the room that you want to install it in. Foam layers constructed from polyurethane is also very helpful when installing laminate flooring as it forms a protective barrier and allows for a gap between the actual floor and the wooden covering of the laminated tiles.

Should you choose the pre-glue method, ensure that you read the instructions carefully that comes along with the laminate flooring. The glue needs to be mixed with water and then applied to the wooden flooring before installation. Glue-less laminate flooring installation is a great way to prevent messy glue accidents. This type of installation uses connectors only and looks very professional. It is also the easiest method of laminate flooring installation.

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