A Guide To Getting Rid Of Damp

Damp treatment and damp proofing your home is important because it makes sure that your property is well-kept and that your health is well looked after.  Failing to get rid of rising damp or damp walls can lead to mould and mildew which can affect negatively affect the respiratory system of all the occupants of the home. It can also cause extensive damage to the property that can be quite expensive to repair.

Condensation Damp

Condensation Damp is probably the easiest form of damp to deal with. A few simple tweaks can often solve the probably completely. Proper ventilation is essential when trying to get rid of condensation damp. Opening windows daily is very important. Extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen will make sure steam is properly removed from the room. Proper insulation and a humidifier can also go a long way to preventing condensation damp.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp repair will be a bit more complicated as the source of the damp first needs to be found and repaired. This form of damp is usually a result of a problem with the exterior of the building. This problem needs to be found and repaired first so that the penetrating damp can be prevented in the future.

Damp Walls

Once you have found and repaired the cause of the damp, you can turn your attention to addressing whatever damage has resulted. Most minor damp problems will result in crumbling plaster, rotten wooden floorboards and water marks. These problems can all be quickly and easily fixed. If a damp problem has gone untreated for a long time then mould can result. Always seek professional help when dealing with mould as it can be damaging to your health. The most severe damp problems can actually result in structural damp which is a lot more costly and complicated to repair. The best course of action would be to hire damp proofing specialists and professionals. They would be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done to treat the damage caused by the damp as well as prevent the damp from occurring again in the future.

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