The World Of Granite And Marble

Granite and marble can turn a home from ordinary to something that is beautiful and elegant. Marble and granite are two stones that are common and can be easily extracted from the earth. Due to this fact these two stones are available to those that want to use them for their homes. Marble is more luxurious and expensive than granite. Granite even though it is cheaper, is a great commodity to use for the home.

Granite is a cheaper option than marble. Granite can be used for counter tops and for tiling the bathroom. When it is polished well it will give an expensive look to a kitchen or bathroom because of the great finish granite counters have. You can choose various colours that range from gray, black and white. Such a variety of colours will ensure that you get the type of effect you really want for the room.

Marble is also fantastic as a counter top material for your kitchen, bar or bathroom. It gives a lovely finish that lightens up the room and makes it look attractive. Marble has a lot of advantages to it. First of all it is durable and easy to clean and so it is very suitable for the kitchen. It is also great for the kitchen because it can handle hot surfaces. This means that you can place a hot pot on a marble surface and not worry about it burning the counter top.

Granite an also handle hot surfaces and this is why it is also popular as a kitchen counter top. Well polished granite counter tops can instantly update the look of the kitchen or bathroom and give it a modern look. Granite is actually a better counter top material than marble because marble is susceptible to scratches and cracks. Granite would thus, be a better option if you use your kitchen very often.

Making such improvements to your home with either granite or marble counter tops will increase the value of the home. An attractive kitchen is very important for many people that are looking for a new home.

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