Easy Bathroom Tiling Ideas

The bathroom is probably the busiest room in the house for its size. Renovating the bathroom is never a bad idea; in fact, home décor specialists recommend that people change the appearance of the home at least as often as the seasons change. There are many ways to decorate the bathroom that encourage practicality and style. Installing new bathroom fixtures and fittings translates into extensive renovations whereas painting and adding new accessories is the easiest way to enhance the décor in the bathroom.

Bathroom tiling gives the bathroom an exciting new look quickly and affordably. Tiling is an easy exercise and DIY enthusiasts will enjoy the challenge. Bathroom tiles are available in many materials, textures and designs. Homeowners must compare designs, colours and prices when choosing the best bathroom tiles.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are favoured for their durability and effortless maintenance. Ceramic tiles do not retain water and they resist dampness which makes them one of the most popular types of bathroom tiling solutions. Homeowners must choose a ceramic tile that does not have a slippery surface to increase bathroom safety. Ceramic tiles offer the homeowner a world of design options. Homeowners can experiment with simple designs that have borders of a different colour than the tile itself. Unglazed tiles are the worst tiles for the bathroom. They discolour easily because they absorb unattractive stains which are hard to remove.  

Tiles of the same colour must at least be cut in unequal and different shapes to make then result a little more interesting. A good idea is to lay the tiles at angles to each other. Another ides that allows homeowners more freedom for colour choice is the grout. Grout that has a colour that contrasts the tiles leaves a bold and dramatic effect that immediately draw the visitors attention to the floor.

Porcelain ceramic tiles are perfect for the bathroom because they do not absorb a lot of water and are resistant to unsightly stains. Homeowners can decorate the bathroom floor and walls with porcelain ceramic tiles or they can also just scatter a few in their favourite colour.

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