The Shower Door

For many house-proud South Africans home improvements no matter how big or small must be done.  While the general focus of our interests is in improving the living room, bedrooms and kitchen, the bathroom is usually the last on the list.  This is because most people consider that they spend a minimal amount of time in the bathroom when compared to other parts of the house.  Renovating one’s bathroom isn’t as expensive as you might think however and little changes can make a room that is just functional into one that is luxurious.  In recent years, building supply retailers have started to stock more and more designer features for bathrooms.  Amoung these are shower doors.
Although shower doors are nothing new, like most home accessories they have undergone significant changes.  Only a few decades ago we all had to use shower curtains that ran on a rail in either a circular position or directly across from one wall to another.  Shower curtains are still used today but closed in showers have become considerably more popular in more recent years.  Unlike curtains that can look tatty and unsightly, a well maintained shower door opens up the space in one’s bathroom.  Shower doors now come in a variety of stylish designs and sizes.  The right choice in a shower door lets light into your bathroom while maintaining a sleek and minimalist design.  
More recently, one can add a frameless shower which features a door made from heavy glass.  This very stylish innovation makes your whole bathroom look much larger and also offers you the space to add other bathroom accessories such as soap holders or shelves.  Previous shower doors were inserted into an aluminum frame and required a rubber strip down the side to protect against moisture and shock.  Shower doors like most of the shower can develop mould or lime scale on the glass if not cleaned regularly.  Ideally one should never leave water on the glass but wipe it dry after every shower.  One of the top suppliers of showers and shower doors is Diamond Doors.  They will undertake installations and repairs to your shower.
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