The Difficulty Of Choosing a Built In Braai

For your typical South African, especially the men, choosing the correct design and producer of your built in braai is not a decision that is taken lightly. In fact it is a decision that often takes more thought than choosing a car or even a spouse. This may sound slightly far-fetched but, in fact, it is very close to the absolute truth. The relationship which you average South African man will have with best built in braai is something akin to very dear friendship which is why the choice of built in braai so important.

Too many foreigners come to South Africa with notions of what makes a good braai, they are under the impression that food is the key and while no one is his /her right mind would deny the importance of good food at a braai, only South Africans realise that the braai facility itself is equally important. This why weber braais never really took off in South Africa. They were mildly popular for a while because of the gimmick value, but most South African braai fans soon realised that the Americans, while being a clever people, could not teach South Africans about braaiing.

The idea that someone could come up with a generic braai stand was laughable, to any real braai fan, this is why choosing the correct person or company to install your built in braai is of crucial importance. You do not need some young pup trying to tell you how to make the design of your built-in braai more practical. This would be like telling Henry Ford how to design a car.
Built in braais are more than just places to prepare food, in South Africa the built in braai is the chance to show that you are a real man. This why sexual orientation has nothing to do with the art braaiing and more often than not he who wants the built in braai, will also build the built in braai. The fact that many people do not have the skills to build a good built in braai has never stopped construction in South Africa because that is why you have your chommies

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