How To Choose a Toilet

Toilets are the oldest bathroom fixture ever, though in the past, they were built outdoors because of the lack of sewage drainage systems. Some rural communities still use outdoor pit toilets. Toilets are a bathroom or lavatory fixture whose main purpose is to manage the disposal of human waste. The toilet has evolved over the years to accommodate style preferences, religious and cultural beliefs. There are many different types of toilets. A few examples are detailed below to help the homeowner choose the perfect toilet for their home.
An incinerating toilet is waterless system that burns waste products instead of flushing them away. This toilet is not common in a domestic setting. The urinal is another type of toilet that is not common in the home. Urinals are preferred by hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and boarding houses for the men’s rooms. Urinals are securely mounted against the wall and they flush by pressing a button at the top of the urinal. Squat toilets are popular in Eastern countries. Using it is like squatting over a porcelain hole. Squat toilets don’t offer much in the way of comfort. And then, there is the flush toilet; the most popular type of toilet for homes and businesses alike. Waste from a flush toilet is flushed through a network of pipes that connect to the municipal sewage system that leads to a waste treatment plant.  

Toilets are one of the first things people consider when planning bathroom renovations. The toilet can be a playground for germs and bacteria if it is not cleaned properly on a regular basis. The toilet must not have detailed, intricate designs that have grooves or dents where germs can settle and manifest. The toilet must be simple in its operation and set the tone for the bathroom décor. Toilets come in so many bold and adventurous designs with colorful, contemporary prints and geometric influences.  

Homeowners must carefully select the rest of the fixtures and bathroom accessories. They must display the homeowner personal sense of style, be practical and most important, they must not take up a lot of space.

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