The Craft Of Thatching

Thatching is an ancient craft of layering dry vegetation in such a way that is sheds water from the water. Straw, water reeds, rushes and heather are the types of grass employed when a roof is thatched. Straw grew in popularity when people first started growing cereal. Roof thatching is preferred for homes and buildings in all kinds of places with tropical as well as temperate climates. Thatch roofing is an age-old tradition that is very affordable and loved by stylish homeowners who want to enhance the rustic décor theme of the home or just want to have an environmentally friendly roofing option.

There are countless thatching methods that yield different results and use various materials. Most are centuries old and have been passed down through generations. Generally contractors use suitable vegetation that is readily available in their area of work. Wild vegetation is ideal for thatching. Bulrush and broom are just two examples of such vegetation.
The quality of the thatching material and the experience of the contractor determine the success of the project. Naturally, thatch does not absorb and retain water which means the weight of the roof remains constant regardless of the weather. Thatch also has natural insulating effects which help keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. This makes thatch a great choice for comfort in the home.

Home décor specialists love thatch for the designs and styles it presents to homeowners. A new trend is to use both thatch and tiles for designs. Thatch is a particularly versatile material and that is mostly because it is lighter. There are a few disadvantages to thatch roofing solutions. Thatch even when treated with fire-resistant chemicals, is still a highly flammable material and is an extremely high risk to fire. For this reason, many insurance companies are reluctant to insure houses and commercial buildings that have a thatched roof. Thatch roofs are also prone to damage by birds, rodents and pests as they are attracted to thatch material by its appearance.

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