South Africa Has Really Embraced Bathroom Fittings

For most people in South Africa bathroom fittings have never really been something that you devoted too much of your time to. Bathroom fitting consisted of the bare essentials, namely, towel rails, toothbrush holders and maybe a few other odds and ends. Well South Africa just joined in the global trend of turning bathrooms into spaces not merely designed for the functional basic absolutions, but into these magnificent rooms that are the pride of your home.
Bathroom fittings are now colour coordinated to match not just the bathroom linens, like towels, face clothes and maybe bathroom mats, but also the fixtures like the toilet and shower. In fact the bathroom fittings, in the typical bathroom, in affluent South Africa, now match not just the rest of bathroom contents but the house itself. Home makers do not consider the bathroom a separate entity any longer; the bathroom must now flow along with the rest of the house. Lines must be congruent with that of the rest of the domestic structure.
 Manufacturers of bathroom fittings have noticed this trend responded like any good business person would: they are giving home makers exactly what they want, and they are charging the kinds of prices that let you know that these are designer quality bathroom fittings. Many of these bathroom fitting ideas are being inspired by the myriad of reality shows that have invaded the television screens in South Africa. Consumers in south Africa have become obsessed with one or  a few of the reality show stars, people Kim Kardashian and Kimora , to name but two, are deciding what new fittings should be adorning.
One of the really scary things about modern bathroom fitting is that because they are so decorative, they are also very fashionable. This means that you can expect to be buying new bathroom fittings every few months and this is bound to begin hurting old bank balance after a while, even though mass production has brought the price of many thing down quite drastically, the bottom line is that these new bathroom fittings are considered designer goods, even if they come from China

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