Shower Replacement

Many South Africans are proud home-owners who dedicate much of their spare time towards DIY (do it yourself), decorating, renovation and repairs.  Home improvement centers, interior design shops and building supply retailers are all very busy places on the weekends.  Those who can afford it will go to great lengths to choose from different options to improve the aesthetic value of their homes.  For the most part this can be new furniture, a fresh coat of paint or some basic re-tiling.  Most tasks in and around the home can be done by ourselves if we are patient enough and have the time.  For those who want to ensure a job that requires some skill is done properly there is no substitute for calling in a professional.  While costing us more, a professional company can take care of the needed work in good time and leave a quality finish.
While we are all quick to decorate and renovate our homes, some areas always get more attention than others.  The living room is usually the priority, followed by the need for a stylish kitchen and relaxing bedroom.  The bathroom is often left to the last because we see it as a purely functional room that we spend little time in.  While it’s okay to close the door on an outdated and boring bathroom, it’s not okay to ignore any required maintenance.  Bathrooms are the most abused room in the house.  They are constantly experiencing temperature change with steam and the heavy use of water that can bring in damp, mildew, mould and lime scale.  Once these elements take hold in a bathroom, they are hard to eradicate.  The shower is especially vulnerable as if the caulking between the shower and bathroom wall is old, mildew sets in easily.  Lime scale can also age the glass of your shower door making it unsightly.  The rubber strip where a shower door meets the frame is there to reduce shock and stop water from leaking out.  If that is old and worn your door could more easily break and bathroom flood.  These are potentially dangerous events as well as being generally undesirable.  
For this reason a number of companies in South Africa specialize in fitting and repairing showers.  Sometimes, some simple re-caulking will solve your shower problems but for those with badly damaged showers, replacement may be the only option.  Replacing a shower can be enjoyable as you see the new and more stylish model installed.  Shower replacement can give your bathroom a badly needed facelift.  A new shower is easier to clean and safer if installed by a professional company.  One company that installs frameless showers is Diamond Doors.  The also offer to do repairs and re caulking if needed.

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