Shower Doors

Contractors Cape Town specialise in the installation and manufacturing of shower door that will transform your gloomy and dull bathroom to an ultra modern and light space. Creating a relaxing environment that you and your family can enjoy.
Choosing the Right Shower
Contractors Cape Towns can help you choose the perfect shower that will suite any room or space that you are creating. There are several things to consider when choosing the right shower doors, location and fittings.
When choosing the location of your shower make sure that you are facing the correct direction and  that you have taken the window positions into consideration. It will also help if you are replacing a shower that you put the new unit in where the old shower use to be. This will reduce cost and hassle as the water pipes are already in place.  
You will also have to consider the shape, size and height that will fit the style that you have in mind for our bathroom. If you need inspiration or guidance just let us know, and we will help you design the perfect shower.
The shower door can be made to fit any space, the doors can be made to swing, slide or revolve. Whatever the design, we can make it work. Shower enclosures are available with, or without a water tray, thus enabling you to have the choice of tiling the floor or going with a more traditional route.
Frameless shower door are very hot right now, so you can choose to have reinforced glass, frame less or shower doors that are beautifully framed with aluminium or plastic.

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