Shower Caulking

With so many South Africans owning their own homes, DIY or do-it-yourself has become common practice.  Proud homeowners will spend a small fortune at hardware’s and building supply retailers as they make the most of their weekends and free time to improve their home.  For most of us, this may simply involve painting a wall or working on the garden.  While it’s tempting to save money and immensely self-satisfying to work to do most home improvements, some skill and knowledge is required for more advanced tasks.  This might include tiling, fitting carpets, installing kitchens and bathroom accessories.  In most of these instances it’s worth calling in professionals to do the job.  The bathroom is a challenging part of the house.  In here work needs to be done to withstand extremes of room temperature, steam and damp.  Surfaces need to be correctly treated and applied against lime scale, mould and mildew.  One of the difficult tasks involved in bathroom maintenance is caulking or re-caulking one’s shower.
Caulking is the process of filing caulk onto the area where your shower walls and bathroom wall meet.  This is done to stop any potential mildew buildup.  Removing the old caulk and re applying fresh caulk should be performed about once a year.  Caulking is especially important to seal against water getting into any cracks of bathroom walls.  For those who can’t clean away the dark mildew stains, that means it’s time to re caulk.  Removing old caulk can be hard work without a solution to soften it.  Once it has all been cleared away, new caulk can be applied and smoothed in with one’s finger or a caulking spreader.  It is recommended that one use some masking tape on the walls so that the caulk keeps a straight line after application.   When finished, simply pull the tape off and leave the caulk to dry.  
Shower or bathtub caulking can be done by most reasonably handy individuals but if done incorrectly can be messy and mark the glass of your shower.  It is also a time consuming practice for which many people simply don’t have the time.  If you would like to have your shower caulked by professionals, many companies who install and repair showers will also perform any caulking requirements.  Diamond Doors is one of these shower installation companies that operates in South Africa.

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