Recycles Bottle Art Decor Options

Recycled bottle art is common for many outdoor décor ideas for the workshop, entertainment area and even boundary walls. Many contractors recommend an affordable incorporation of mosaic-style recycled bottle art into walls and centrepieces. For a mature and elegant finish, using bottles of same shape and colour is highly recommended. Contractors can set the bottles in a background of complementary colours to highlight the bottle decorations.  
Recycled bottle art is also prevalent in furniture inside and outside the home. Bottle detailing is embedded in other materials for extra shine and a tolerable and exciting glow. Various shapes and sizes of bottles may be laid into table tops to give old and furniture a refreshing spin in appearance. The contracted furniture designer must be especially careful to sand and give the glass a smooth finish to avoid any injuries when people enjoy the furniture. Sharp edges of glass pieces can be very dangerous and leave deep cuts.  
This special art form also gives floors a luxurious finish if uniquely and artistically styled. As with functional furniture, floors with a glass finish must be smoothed and repeatedly cleaned until all trace of excess glass for pleasant barefoot walks around the home. Glass bottles can be strategically placed with the sharp sides deep into the cement. To avoid any serious injuries, no one must walk on the floor until it has dried and the bottles are securely set in place. Recycled bottles can be used together with other types of tiles whose colour and design will go well with the chosen colour for the bottle detail. Ceramic tiles and bottles are a tried and trusted successful combination for floors around the home.
Glass bottles are also often considered as a security option for the boundary walls of the home. Only an experienced contractor should take on this task. Glass bottles are broken and installed with the sharp side up so that any intruder that tries to scale the wall will have broken bottles to contend with.

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