Paving Prices Are Far Too Low

People are always moaning about how the prices of everything are going up all the time, and paving has often fallen into this bracket, especially when people are doing any kind of remodelling around the home. In fact they are not paying enough. If paving prices were determined by what they do for the home, they would be so much higher, and rightfully so.  
Paving is responsible for the hugely successful shoe market that exists today because without good paving none of the overpriced shoes that people love so much would actually be wearable. The prices that these shoes are fetching are enough to justify the expense of good paving, because it is not just in wet weather that paving earns its price, but in the dry too. All one has to do is watch an old western movie to see the hazards of a dry street or walkway and the prices of paving suddenly become a lot more fair.  

The amount of dust that is created by not having paving is quite scary. The prices of curtains should be driving customers to the paving stores in their droves, and yet people prefer to just sit around and complain about the prices of paving, before giving a thought to the amount of saving that is accomplished by good paving.  

The cleaning bills on clothing and shoes, not to mention the cost of having your home cleaned regularly, all make the prices of paving seem almost like robbery, and one is almost tempted to  try and give the paving merchant more money that what has been asked, simply because any clear thinking person can see the benefits of paving.  

These benefits go so much further than just the improvement on appearance that paving lends to any area it touches but they reach far into daily lives as well. Next time you are out and about, shopping for paving and you come across something that you like but feel that the prices being charged are more than a bit steep, think to yourself what that paving merchant could be charging, if he/she wanted to.

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