Accomodations You Will Find In Midrand

Midrand is in the centre of Western Cape between Sandton and Centurion in Cape Town. The South African Civil Aviation Authority’s headquarters is located in Midrand aswell as the commonly known UNISA and Midrand Graduate Institute. Midrand developed emminsly in the last decade and is a relatively modern city. A commonly visited place in Midrand is Kyalami Raceway and draws in many people. The Gallagher Estate is the largest conference centre in the whole of South Africa and is situated in Midrand aswell. The Cape Town Water Tower dominates the Midrand skyline.
Many people flock to Midrand accomodations because it is on the outskirts of Cape Town and very close to Pretoria and because of the wide range of accomodation types.  
Some Midrand Accomodation is Corporate Executive apartments and these Midrand accomadations are fully furnished two bedroom apartments. They are perfect for business men and women.  

Another beautiful place is Owl’s Loft Country House and is a beautiful and ideal choice for people looking for Midrand accomodations. It has close proximities to many interesting places such as Kyalami Business Estate and Gallagher Estate.  
Donnybrook Guesthouse is situated in Glenferness which is has a beautiful country enviroment.  

Another beautiful country enviroment is at Cotswold Inn and is on the doorstep of all the cities and is only twenty minutes away from Sandton or Pretoria.  
The Konkelbos Country House is a tranquil thatched and rural setting which is privately owned.  

Another tranquil setting is Heron Chase and has a hectare of indeginous garden with horses and stables.  
An elegant, warm and friendly with affordable executive suites is Mi Casa Lodge. The main entrance has a lobby which includes a fireplace and a reception.  
If its peaceful tranquility and intimacy you are after than Soul Fusion is the place for you, they cater for only executive clientele.  

A bed and breakfast of Wodehouse is a tranquil setting with restricted access to the property, so you will always have the peace of mind that you will have the upmost privacy and relaxation.  

Even though Midrand is in the hustle and bustle of the city, its tranquil accomodations makes you feel far away! 

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