Parquet Flooring

Some of the most common floor coverings are wood flooring, carpeting, tiled floors and laminate flooring. One of the more uncommon floor coverings is known as parquet flooring. If you have never heard of this type of flooring, you will still have seen it. Parquet flooring is geometric wood pieces that are fitted together to form one large piece. Parquet is usually seen on furniture such as coffee tables, side tables as well as dining room tables. This type of wood flooring very intricate, however requires little or no maintenance, which is change from the other types of flooring besides tiling.

It does however takes some time for this flooring to be assembled before it can be laid in a home. There are different types of wood that can be used for this type of wood flooring. Different types of wood such as walnut oak, lime, cherry, maple and pine are just some of the woods that can be matched to form this intricate flooring. For the more expensive taste mahogany is also a choice that can be used. Although not often but it can be used is bamboo, although bamboo is not a wood it is known as very durable and can be used in a cheaper flooring to get the same effect. This type of flooring is best used as laminate type so as to protect that wood and also to prevent one or of the geometric shapes being misplaced.

This type of wood flooring is usually put together with hot Bitumen, however nowadays other adhesives are used. Cleaning these floors are the same as cleaning wood flooring or laminate flooring. No chemicals should be used to clean these floors as it can damage the wood or the laminate coating on top of the wood flooring. These floors should be swept and if not swept a handheld or non-upright vacuum cleaner should be uses. The reason for this is that the flooring can be scratched by the particles that get caught in the rotating brushes of the upright vacuum cleaners. The flooring also only should be cleaned with clear water.

There a number of advantages to using this type of wood flooring, one of which is the fact this wood flooring creates a warm comfortable atmosphere and is also warmer underfoot than tile flooring would be. It is for this reason that such flooring is best in bedrooms and in passages; these are places with the highest traffic.


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