Blinds VS Curtains – What Is Best?

When moving into a new house you want to transform it in to a place where you feel at home as well as into a home that is indicative of your own style. One of the first things that one does when moving into your own home is to hang curtains or place window dressing on all your windows. There are many reasons why this is the case, the first reason is for privacy and the second reason is that a house starts feeling like a home once these widow dressings are in place. There are two main types of window dressing that one may opt for and these are curtains or window blinds.

Now for many there is not really a choice and the first option is curtains or so I was in the past. Nowadays with the price of blinds being that much cheaper it becomes a more of a difficult decision whether to place curtains or blinds in a home. There are a number of things that one has to consider when making the decision. The first point is obviously style for most people. Will it look good or not and will it fit with the rest of the decorations in the house. The answer to this is the same as it has always been; it will depend on the choices that you make. When blinds just came out they were not very attractive and were only available n a few colors and were mainly meant for large offices. Nowadays one can purchase blinds in an array of colors that will suit your home d├ęcor. Window blinds are also available in different materials as well as vertical or horizontal blinds.

You can opt for venetian blinds or bamboo or even wooden blinds. The truth is that the selection of blinds that are available on the market today is virtually endless in terms of colors and choices. In terms of the best protection for your household contents, blinds are a better choice as the offer you the opportunity to vary the degrees of sunlight which you let into your home. With regular lace curtains, you cannot change the amount of sunlight which you let into your home and these lace curtains or net curtains can be easily damaged by the sun and you will have to replace them. Another plus side to blinds is that they are easily cleaned depending on the material that you use. With curtains it is a rule of thumb that they need to washed at least four times a year. And this is a task that everyone dreads.

Obviously for different areas in the house you will have different types of blinds or curtains. Areas like bathrooms and kitchens and even the office area blinds are more practical. This is mainly due to the humidity that is present in the bathroom and kitchen area. The humidity means that curtains in theses areas need to be washed more frequently than others. In the bedroom it is more preferable to have curtains as this area is an area where you want to be comfortable and curtains just provide that extra comfort.

There is a solution that is amicable for everyone and this is to combine the two for extra style. Blinds provide protection from the sunlight and the curtains provide the style. You can thus combine the two by framing the blinds with drapes alongside of your choice. This means that you can choose the curtains that suit and the window blinds can be simpler. In this way you have both protection form sunlight and the style that you are after.

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