Painting Your House

 When Choosing painting for your house remember to consider the dirty Marks that may land on your wall .

Painting a wall is not just an idea of colouring a wall; it has to do with the appearance and the way it is revealed to the eyes of the observer which can be the owner or just an outsider. It must complement the furniture. Inside painting of the house must be related to each and every item in the house. In the living room the colour must say “living room” as well as the kitchen must say this is a “kitchen”, in terms of total appearance because the colour of the kitchen can’t be similar to the whole house. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when the furniture in the room is blue, the room must be painted blue; it only means that it must complement each other. Can even use a colour that is similar to the one you chose to paint a wall with. Or you can rather choose a neutral colour, a colour which can match any colour of the furniture.

When painting a place it is important to compare the colour in terms of- does it give the appearance that you need or is it too dark or too light, because there are those who keep the room looking light even when is too dark . There are some colours that get dirty easily such as white, and such colours should be avoided when there are small kids in the house.  And there are some colours that take time before they need repainting, such as brown .remember before painting, all of these must be considered, Colours turn to represent how clean or neat you are, avoid too dark colours ‘because at times you are unconsciously telling people that you are lazy even if that’s not true at some point.  The colour of painting you use for example using too dark colours everywhere makes people think that you are too clumsy to keep a light colour clean, that’s why you only go for dark colours only. When painting a house outside is only better to choose a dark colour unless there is a pavement around the yard to prevent the dirty marks.
Other colours prevent dirty, others promotes it.

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