Interesting Granite Trivia

Granite is a stunning igneous rock with a medium to coarse grained texture. Granite comes in a pink or grey colour and contains a fifth of quartz in its make-up. The pyramids in Egypt are made from slabs of granite amongst other things. The Red Pyramid is so named because of the colour of the granite when it is exposed to sunlight. The ruined Black Pyramid had a granite capstone that is now displayed in the Egyptian Museum. Granite was really the cornerstone on which rich Egyptian history is engraved. This stone also makes an appearance in Indian architecture.

Today, granite is still used for gravestones and memorials because of its strength and durability. It is also preferred for many surfaces around the home. Granite is also ideal for art pieces such as sculptures though it is quite hard to carve by hand and it takes a long time to finish. Talented and creative designers use modern methods of carving which are much faster and yield even more impressive results. Sandblasting is a common carving technique. Stencils are used in this process.

For years granite has been trusted in the construction of important buildings and monuments. Aberdeen in Scotland is known as ‘The Granite City’ because the entire city is built primarily from granite. The first railway in America was built to aid in the transportation of the heavy stone and it was appropriately named Granite Railway.  

Polished granite is the material of choice for kitchen as well as bathroom counter tops. Granite adds a bold touch of elegance to the home. As the demand for granite increases, the price has gone down remarkably. Granite retains heat so the kitchen can get very hot and stay that way for a long time. Renovating the home using granite increases the value of the home. Granite can even be used as a flooring option but that is rather expensive. Polished granite does not require much maintenance; only a coat of sealant is recommended once in a while.

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