Painting Companies In South Africa

Paint is such a versatile material in a sense that it brightens surfaces, protects and keeps them rejuvenated. Paint adds exciting colour to the home, office, cars, toys and paintings. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do for a home and sometimes it is all the renovation a home needs. There a lot of painting techniques designed to make rooms and objects appear larger or smaller than they really are. There are certain paint colours that inspire warmth and others that are recommended in summer because they give the room a cool feel. Colours with a cooling effect are green, blue and greys.  

A bit of paint can breathe new life to special old items. Bright colours are fun and lively and they demand attention. Darker, natural paints are serious and speak of elegance and maturity. Paints are also believed to inspire moods. Examples of such colours are purple and red. Shades of purple and red are passionate yet vulnerable and they put a sexy spin to a room.

Ancient paint was made from a combination of materials like ochre, charcoal and hematite and that proved durable as is evident in archaeological finds all over the world. These days paint technology is so advanced that paints are made from complex, man-made components. Solid pigments and dye are used to give paint their colour. Pigments also give paint its texture and various other properties. Natural pigments are clay, silicas and talcs, to name a few. Engineered molecules and blanc fixe are types of man-made pigments.

Homeowners have access to paint that does not wither and flake due to harsh weather. Paint has been developed to withstand extreme temperatures, exposure to wet conditions and general outdoor characteristics. Such durable paint is also preferred for vehicles.  

In South Africa, there are many stores that are dedicated solely to providing paint. They are the experts to speak to for painting ideas and techniques. They supply paint to many contractors and they have built productive business relationships with those contractors. This benefits the customers because they may also receive referrals for experienced painters to handle the more extensive painting projects.

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