Making The Best Choice For Your Bathroom Sink

The bathroom is one of the most important and vital rooms in any home and is one of the busiest and most exposed rooms in your entire house or apartment, not only do you and your family use it but guests or visitors do as well, this is a good reason to always ensure that your bathroom makes a good impression. Bathroom sinks or basins are one of the most important features of any bathroom and basin designs have com a long way from the standard plain white square basins of the past, today the range is enormous. It is now possible to customize your bathroom basin in look, feel and colour to suit your current overall bathroom design and this can also be done on a tight budget.

The first option is what is known as a vessel sink or a vessel basin, these are simply bowl shaped basins that sit on the surface of your bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinet. They are different to the types of basins that are sunk into the bathroom vanity and they also do not have their own separate pedestal. These types of bathroom sink are very popular for their rustic appeal.

Pedestal sinks or basins are one of the most popular of all, they are usually available as one or two piece units consisting o a pedestal or stand and a basin. These are popular for their minimal use of space and clean lines because it is possible to hide plumbing pipes behind the actual pedestal and they are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any bathroom design.

Console style basins are one of the more traditional styles of bathroom basin and are becoming popular for that retro feel that they often provide, a console sink is simply a basin that is recessed into a table, this is a style that almost everyone of us is familiar with. The downside is that quite often your plumbing will be exposed with this design.

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