How To Find The Perfect Shower To Suit Your Bathroom

Not every home has a shower, this is often dependant on the type of home that you are currently living in, for example, some small apartments such as bachelor apartments or cottages only have a shower and no bath to save on space while some older apartments only have a bath or a bath with a detachable shower system. Both separate showers and bath only installations have their benefits as well as drawbacks, some people prefer relaxing and enjoying as long soak in a bath tub especially after an especially long or hard day of work while others prefer the convenience of a quick shower.

From a remodelling point of view it often makes more sense to install a shower as your second bathroom rather than another bath tub, a shower saves on space and is more convenient and makes more sense economically as a shower uses far less hot water than a filling a bath tub does which will save on electricity bills as well as water bills in the long run. Finding the perfect shower for your particular needs is really what it is all about.

The first choice possibility is the standard shower stall or shower cabinet, these are very popular as they do not require a great deal of space in your bathroom area and come in a big variety of shower bases and trays that can fit into the tightest corner in the smallest bathroom.

The next step up is the alcove shower, this is good if you are renovating your bathroom completely and have the opportunity to build an entire new shower, if you have more space then consider an alcove shower, it is bigger and more convenient and only requires a single shower door or curtain.

A wet room is one of the newer shower concepts and is very popular, basically the entire room is the shower room, and this is very expensive though because the entire room needs to be tiled out.

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