Looking To Do A Bathroom Renovation Visit Ferreiras

A bathroom renovation can be extremely overwhelming especially when there is so many different designs to choose from as such renovations are based on a selection of fixtures and proper planning. No matter what size the bathroom is, there is an incredible selection of options that are comfortable and visually appealing. If your budget does not allow for luxury accessories such as high end taps or other there are accessories at Ferreira’s which will match any budget.
No matter if you are renovating, extending or starting from scratch, your plans and budget should fall in line with the bathroom space you have available. When carrying out a bathroom renovation take into consideration the size which can either be rectangle, standard or oval. Make sure the essentials such as the bath, shower, basin and toilet can be accommodated stylishly, whereby you still have a vacant space to move around in and add cupboards.
By creating extra space you can allow for separate vanities, mirrors, a standing bathtub, large windows, and even a dual shower and sitting area. As opposed to the actual size of the bathroom the arrangement of fixtures should be well determined as not to make the bathroom smaller but feel much larger. For example a huge bathtub that is placed incorrectly can make the bathroom look very small as opposed to it being placed smartly which will give a more spacious feel and look.
Sitting on the throne should be a comfortable experience and the toilet should be placed in a way that there are no obstructions from the basin and that there is enough space between the basin and the toilet. When choosing a basin, take into consideration the user’s height and shower doors in particular should be large enough and simple to use as well as open outwardly. These factors need to be included in a bathroom renovation plan.
Ferreira’s is a reputable retailer of bathroom fittings and supplies and will match any bathroom renovation with their large variety of products which can match all your needs as well as your budget from decking to plumbing fixtures to brassware and luxury bathroom accessories.

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