Kitchen TOPS

The kitchen is a home’s pride as it has to be one of the healthiest places in any house because it is where our food is prepared, preparation starts from a kitchen surface and one of the surfaces is the Kitchen Counter TOP. There are a number of kitchen tops that you can install in your kitchen however the ones which are quite recommended are Granite and Engineered Stone. When comparing them in terms of functionality you need to measure them according to scratch resistance for when you are cutting, can they withstand heat, is the material easily stain, chemical resistance for spilling and cleaning and health rating. These are factors that determine whether your kitchen top will remain clean, healthy for food to be prepared on it.
There are many websites on the internet providing ideas on kitchen tops, however wooden kitchen tops have a very warm and homey look and are available on a wide range of options. Kitchen tops are available in copper, stainless steel, Zinc, Glass, Pewter and Bronze.

Choice needs to be based on the durability of the material, inability to absorb liquids, style and the colours available for that particular material to match those existing in your kitchen already. There are quite a few contractors around the country that offer the service of installing and even modifying your kitchen top. There are even guidelines on the internet that provide step by step format to help you modify your kitchen, however if you are not a hands on type of person then you might want to consider hiring a professional. Let us look at prices of a qualified contractor who can install and modify kitchen tops, for the smallest package which includes all the equipment and the materials as well as design and labour fees you’re looking to pay about twenty five thousand rand. For the top end package for the kitchen with oozing elegance you can pay up to one hundred and ten thousand rand for everything. Comparing quotes is a very good idea in this case because clearly these are high budget projects.

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