Choosing Paints For Your House

Choosing paint for your house is not as simple as it sounds, as there are many factors to consider before making your choice. Firstly we start from the outside you have to ask yourself if you want elegance, glamour, classic look, traditional, modern etc. For example if you want a classic Cape Dutch style you don’t exactly paint your house a creamy yellow because you would rather use white as a colour for your outside walls.

Secondly you need to remember that this paint is on the outside therefore you need to get quality paint that can withstand constant rains, the sun’s heat beating down, windy days that have soil granules beating against it. No use just choosing a colour just because it looks pretty good, you will also need to consider durability in terms of will you have to repaint your house again every few years? No what you really want and need is to have something that looks good and will last long no matter what nature’s conditions throw at it.
When it comes to choosing paint for your house on the inside, it’s quite different because you need to consider other factors for example which rooms are you painting and what those rooms are used for. A kitchen, bathroom and lounge cannot have the same colour, therefore you need choose your colours for each room carefully for instance it will good to coordinate the colour of your tiles and paint in the bathroom.

Another thing that you can also consider is that you have children or you don’t have, as we all know kids like to experiment so inside the house you will need a paint that allows you to wash off anything the children decide to smudge or write on your wall paint. This must be easy for you with just a wet cloth, rather than you using chemicals which can end up causing different shades on your wall paint which is something you do not want as it will show inconsistency on your colour choice after you have spent money.

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