Kitchen Counter Tops

 There are so many types of kitchen counter tops available these days that choosing one can be very difficult. Various factors must be considered and it is always hoped that the kind of kitchen counter that is chosen is worth the money that is spent on it.  It is useful to know exactly what is on offer in terms of types, looks, materials, cost, durability and maintenance needs before a decision is made, and the wrong choice can mean a waste of money and time.
When it comes to different types and materials for countertops, consider the following types:
• Concrete kitchen counters are very versatile but they are heavy and need to be cast on site, and then time is taken to cure it.  They have to be properly sealed to avoid staining, and maintenance will include periodic resealing.  Remember that these are not easily removable so if this choice is made, it had better be for the long run.

• Corian tops:  this is a very common choice of countertop and comes in a wide range of colours and styles.  They are low in maintenance and are very durable and not easily damaged by detergents or chemicals.  They are also good with heat and do not stain easily.

• Laminate counters:  These are incredibly versatile and come if virtually any colour, texture and style.  It is a low cost option for a stylish look and is quite durable, and it is stain and moisture resistant.  However it is not heat resistant and hot pots cannot be put directly on the surface.

• Marble counter tops:  this is the most expensive option and even though it looks spectacular, it can be stained if not sealer properly.  It is softer than some other natural options and can be prone to scratching and chipping.

• Granite:  this is harder than marble and is very hard wearing, and is not prone to chips or scratches.  The downside is that it is extremely costly.  Stone, slate or quartz are similar in appearance, function and cost.

• Stainless steel:  This is most commonly found in industrial type kitchens such as restaurants as it is durable and easy to clean.  It requires very little maintenance and has a stylish look and tone.

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