How To Replace Your Shower Quickly And Effectively

There are many factors to consider when you want to replace your existing shower with a new one.  You have to decide whether you want to replace the entire system including the shower head, tiles, door and stall or just some of these.  You can do the entire system in one go but if you are not a handy man, it would be best to get a professional in to do the job.  People often replace their showers when they have just moved into a new house or when their existing one becomes worn out or even cracked.  Having a crack in your shower stall is never a good thing and shouldn’t be left for too long before replacing the stall.

When you want to replace your shower and you want to install the shower stall, keep in mind that you can buy DIY shower stall kits these days that are easy to assemble and install.  Once you have installed the stall according to the specifications on the manual, you can install the stall over the drain in your shower.  Always remember to shut down the water before beginning any work on your shower as you can cause a lot of damage by the leaving the water on and then starting to work on the pipes and connectors. 
If you are taking out your old stall by yourself, remember to take out all the old caulk by using a knife or utility tool.  You will have to scrape it off carefully but also effectively so that no part of the stall gets stuck when you’re trying to pull it out.  After you have taken the system out, you need to clean the shower wall very well and try to sand it down too.  When you have installed your new shower stall you can add some new tiles if you wish.  You would have to wait for the putty to dry on the new system first and then have a look at the tiling.  Make sure your new shower is held firmly in place by the caulk you’ve added and that it’s not skew. 

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