How FLICK Can Cure Rising Damp In Your Home

Rising damp is a problem that many home and property owners face. It is vital that this problem is dealt with sooner rather than later as it can cause serious and expensive damage in the long run. Rising damp refers to a situation where the moisture in the soil rises up the walls of a building.

A few of the main causes of rising damp are:
• Aging of the first damp course installed when the building was initially built
• A damp coarse that has not been corrected installed
• An ineffective damp course
• No damp course installed
Damp proofing the building by making use of a damp course is considered to be the best way to deal with and prevent rising damp from damaging the building, the plaster and the aesthetics of the interior of the building.

One of the most effective damp proofing methods would be the injection of a damp course into the walls of a property. Chemicals are injected into the wall, i.e. into a series of holes that have been made as close to floor level as possible. Flick is experienced and considered to be an expert at this and a few other damp proofing methods as well. They are members of The Damp Proofing Association and the Western Cape Masters Builders Association.

Water Proof Your Roof

Flick uses only the best and most effective water proofing products in SA. They have experience in dealing with a wide variety of different types of roofs which include concrete roofs, tiled roofs, IBR roofs, corrugated iron roofs as well as balconies.

• Bitumen Membrane: This is the most widely used and trusted method of waterproofing used in the industry today. Popular uses include to waterproof basements, balconies and flatter concrete roofs.

• Cemflex: This chemical mixture is mixed with cement and used in combination with Cemflex fabric. It is used mainly for the waterproofing of balconies, verandas.
There are many other products that Flick may choose to make use of when waterproofing and damp proofing your home. The chemical product and method chosen would be picked specifically to suit your individual needs.

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