Flick’s Comprehensive Range Of Townhouse Services

The comprehensive range of townhouse services from Flick Damp Proofing is the perfect solution for Body Corporates looking to address maintenance issues. Flick is a trusted and professional service provider with a proven track record. If you consider this as well as the fact that they offer a full range of townhouse services then it would be easy to see why they are the preferred service providers in the industry.

The comprehensive range of townhouse services includes the following:

• Water proofing services: Many body corporates are faced with problems such as a leaking roof or balcony. Flick can quickly and professionally handle all water proofing problems for you.

• Damp proofing services: This is where Flick’s core focus and expertise lie. Flick Damp Proofing cc has more than three decades worth of experience in dealing with damp proofing. Many body corporates struggle with damp proofing problems such as rising damp or penetrating damp. This can lead to unsightly blistering of the plaster or discolouration of the walls within the units.

• Professional painting services: Flick also offers a professional painting service. They will take care of the smallest or largest of painting jobs efficiently and professionally. Only the very best products are used and you can rest assured that the end result will be of the highest quality.

• Tiling services: Flick can take care of all your tiling needs. They have the expertise to complete the tiling of walls and floors. They are also able to install under floor heating in the units if so desired.

As a body corporate, dealing with many different contractors can be frustrating and time consuming. Flick offers body corporates the opportunity to get all their needs met in one place. They are a “one stop shop” of townhouse services. Their surveyors and project managers are professional and known for their efficiency and attention to detail. Body corporates can also rest assured that all workmanship completed by Flick is completely guaranteed.

Contact Flick to find out more about this comprehensive range of townhouse services. Request a free inspection now by calling 08600FLICK or sending an email to [email protected]

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