Granite And Marble

Which to use in the kitchen – marble or granite?  When deciding about this, there are several factors to consider, and the qualities of both these materials must be understood in order to make an informed decision.

Granite is harder than marble and usually makes for a more practical choice in the kitchen, but marble is considered the most stylish and can be used just as effectively in certain areas of the kitchen.  Granite does not show up stains where marble can deteriorate from heat or excessive abrasive chemicals.  Granite can however crack and then the whole slab must be replaced, as it is almost impossible to repair cracked granite without some part of the crack remaining visible.  Granite can be polished and is not vulnerable to the acids and other chemicals in household ingredients such as tomatoes and lemons.  The colour also remains stable throughout its lifetime, where marble is prone to fading in start sunlight and excessive abrasion to the surface.

Marble is widely considered to be the most exclusive, plush and opulent finish for kitchen countertops.  In a lot of kitchens honed marble is used as it has a matte finish and for this reason will not show scratches easily.  It comes in a very wide variety of colours whereas granite is more limited in terms of the colours available.  Marble is also very versatile – it is used not only in the kitchen but in other areas such as the bathroom or exterior as well.  It is commonly used for mantelpieces, steam baths, or as table tops to create a feeling of opulence and grandeur.  Marble is however softer than granite and is porous, and will required more maintenance such as sealing and polishing.  Granite also must be sealed, but the sealant tends to last longer than marble as granite is not as porous as marble.

Marble is much more expensive than granite and for this reason it is often found in only parts of a kitchen.  It is fairly unusual to find a kitchen which has been entirely finished in marble.  Granite is a more cost effective surface for the kitchen but does not add as much value to the home as marble.

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