DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner Your Grandmother Would Be Proud Of

DIY laminate flooring has been making homes look awesome for quite some time now.  There is nothing quite like the shine of a newly laminated wooden floor to make you feel at home.  Laminated flooring has to be cleaned regularly to keep it looking brand-new.  However, some people feel that the products out there on the market that are meant to clean laminate floors, only end up doing more harm because of the chemicals they contain.

For those of you who are very proud of your laminate wooden floors and would like to clean them properly without damaging them, here is some good news.  Remember how your grandmother used to swear by home remedies, no matter which doctor said what?  Here is a DIY home remedy for your laminate flooring that works like a bomb every time:

It is as simple as taking warm water and ordinary white vinegar, mixing it together and mopping your laminate floors with it.  If you don’t feel that a mop will do your wooden flooring justice, simply spray the solution onto your floors and wipe and shine with a soft cloth.

Vinegar, regardless of the taste and smell, will not have the acidic effect on your floors that it might have on your stomach lining. Few other solutions will have the great effect that vinegar has on wooden flooring.  Additionally, you won’t have to shine your floors daily, as this mix of warm water and vinegar lets the laminate shine for days on end.

You can use the same solution for your laminate wooden cabinets.  Just think of how they will shine in your kitchen or wherever else you have them installed!  Your grandmother would be exceptionally proud!

Just keep in mind that your wooden flooring will smell of vinegar for a while, but this is a small price to pay for how great your home is going to look.  If you really cannot stand the smell, just cook a nice curry or stew and the smell of the food will drive all lingering vinegar smells away before you can say “laminated wooden floor cleaner.”

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