Designing And Decorating a Bathroom

They say that a bathroom and a kitchen are the two most important rooms in a home and form the heart of the home.  When it comes to bathroom design you need to keep in mind that you want it to look and feel inviting, while at the same time giving you all the functions a bathroom should have such as a toilet, basin, bath, shower and so forth.
Storage units are a must in any bathroom.  It is very useful for smaller bathroom utilities such as toilet paper.  You could opt for putting a glass shelf up above the toilet and pack the toilet paper neatly on there.  Towelling racks should be installed next to the bath and the shower for easy access to a towel once you’ve finished your bath or your shower.  When designing your bathroom think of who the main users of the bathroom are going to be.  It is for children, for guests or for you and your spouse.  For a children’s bathroom you might want to incorporate fun décor and if it is a guest bathroom you might want to have shelves put in where you can store clean towels for instance.  Keep the décor soft and feminine and if it is a small bathroom use big décor as this will make the bathroom appear much bigger than it actually is.
Decorating or changing your bathroom does not have to be expensive.  You will be amazed what a change of colour and new tiles can achieve.  Keep the colours light as it needs to create a relaxing atmosphere.  Dark colour might make you feel caged in leaving you feeling uncomfortable.  A change of curtains can make huge difference.  The right kind of curtains can do wonders while the wrong curtains can destroy the atmosphere you are trying to create.  Next you have to change the tiles.  There is no excuse for having out of date, ugly dark tiles in your bathroom.  These days you are spoilt for choice and if you have the correct equipment you can do the tiling yourself saving you a lot of money.  The furnishing can also be updated by simply replacing old taps with new ones.  Your old tired bathroom will transform in front of your eyes without having cost you a fortune.
Redesigning any room in your home could make a huge difference to the feel of your home leaving you extremely satisfied.  The best part is, besides from it feeling like a brand new home or bathroom, it that is does not have to cost you an arm and a leg as all the tools needed to do the redecorating yourself is readily available as is the advice from the staff working in the stores where this equipment is available.

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