Buying a New Toilet

No one can dispute the importance of the toilet. It has always held a place of power and importance, not just in the bathroom but in the home as a whole. If you think about it, it is the one indispensable item in the bathroom. The bath or shower itself could be replaced with a huge tub like you see in western movies while the basin but the toilet can only be replaced by a shovel and hole, and everyone would agree that the thought of digging up your garden to dispose of waste is quite gross. Of course the toilet has come long way since the days of the outhouse or long drop. It is quite strange how attached the older generation are to their outhouses. The number of people who have actually converted their outhouse toilets into flushing toilets is quite surprising. One of the reasons for this is that a visit to the toilet is often special. It is the one time people will not just come barging in and you can actually enjoy some peace and quiet.
is quite an affair, just because the choices that you now face are myriad. The selection of toilets that you can now view at most good furniture stores is very impressive. They literally have banks of different models for the consumer to choose from. Every part of the toilet going experience now has variables. Flushing mechanism used to be a chain hanging down the wall, now you have a handle flush, push button flushing is becoming more popular and you can even get a toilet that flushes automatically when you lower the lid.
The toilet seat lid and seat combo used to come in a standard white or black plastic (the rich folks would enjoy a classy wooden finish). Nowadays you can seats and lids that conform to any design that pops into your head. You can now buy seats with an underwater motif, and that even open themselves as you approach. The toilet that self-cleans the occasional dribble cannot be far from the horizon and then men will really be smiling

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