Bathroom Tiling Ideas

Tiles are practically made for bathrooms as they are resistant to water and can be used in combination with wood, cement and any type of paint.  It is also a relatively inexpensive bathroom wall covering as well as a floor covering and is easy enough to use for DIY enthusiasts.   

Bathroom tiles come in various forms, shapes sizes and materials, and are very easily available.  Endless ideas for combinations and colours exist, and true creativity can be used to display the tiles and their effects with great success in the bathroom.  Here are some suggestions:

• Small tiles are very attractive to use in bathrooms but can be difficult to align and install.
• Where possible, use larger tiles as they are easier to move and adjust, and require a lot less grouting than smaller tiles.   
• Colour, shape and size are all important to consider – using a variety of tiles in different colours and textures can be a lot more interesting than just using one colour.  Patterns made with other types of tile which complement the base tile.
• Give the area more interest by punctuating smaller pieces of a different construction of decorative material in between the tiles or on the edges of a tiled area.  A good example is to put shiny stones or jewels in between tiles.
• Big and small tiles can be mixed to great effect.  Smaller tiles can be used to trim the edges of an area tiled with larger bathroom tiles, or to form a surround to a mirror, while the rest of the wall can be tiled in bigger tiles.
• A strip of tiles in a narrow line can provide a great focal piece, and can serve to separate two areas on a wall, for instance and vertical strip of black tiles can be inserted in between two mirrors or basins to separate the areas.
• Mirrors can be used to great effect to echo or extend the bathroom tile designs, and to make the bathroom look bigger.
• Tiling with small tiles around the bath can give the bathroom a finished look and add to the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

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