Bathroom Accessories

In recent years, DIY (do-it-yourself) and decorating have become popular pastimes for many South Africans.  Proud home owners who have the surplus cash and time on weekends will spend many hours looking at ways to improve their own little castle.  For a long time however we were limited in the availability of different styles and products.  Today, South Africa has a vast choice of different fittings, fixtures and furniture that can be used to complement the home.  This is especially important for individuals who enjoy spending their time at home and need their place to provide a strong element of style and luxury.  Home improvement doesn’t have to be expensive.   
There are many simple items that can be bought from hardware, building supply retailers and home stores.  While most people concentrate on having the ideal living room or lounge, serene bedroom and stylish kitchen, the bathroom can often be forgotten.  Most people make the bathroom their last priority as it’s considered a room for function where we spend little time.  However, sooner or later a bathroom needs attention and once it is well renovated or decorated can become a place of pride all by itself.
To this end, many South African companies are supplying a number of different bathroom accessories and products in a variety of styles at different price levels.  It wasn’t long ago that a bath was a bath and a sink was just a sink.  Today baths come in all shapes and sizes, some as corner units, some with a jacuzzi function.  Sinks now feature in a stylish granite and the taps or mixers to go with them are often much more elegant in a shining metallic finish.  Heated towel rails are another popular feature that is especially rewarding during winter.  Toilet seats are made in different tints of wood to contrast the white porcelain.   
Frameless showers are another popular item that allows your shower to look almost completely translucent.  This offers your compact bathroom some much welcomed light and the illusion of more space.  Bathroom accessories vary in price considerably depending on the style and manufacture but they are long lasting and durable products that will be with you for years if installed and maintained well.  This makes up for the initial outlay costs that one incurs when creating the perfect bathroom.

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