About Shower Doors

Shower doors took what was a good experience and made it into something awesome. Showers have only started rising in its popularity in South Africa during the last three decades, before then showers were only spotted with any kind regularity in the bathrooms of the rich. This by itself is an oddity, as one would think that with everything that the shower has going for it, people would have stopped bathing ages ago.

When showers first started becoming popular people were forced to make do with shower curtains. Shower curtains have the power to ruin a good shower. Shower curtains are and were a hazard. The number people who have injured themselves thanks to a tangle with the shower curtain are quite scary. Do not forget how grimy the shower curtain can become if it is not changed regularly. Thank goodness for shower doors.

The shower doors that first appeared were nowhere near the standard which people have come to expect today. The old shower doors were always getting stuck and more often than not they did not keep all the water in, and invariably you had to leave an old towel outside to shower cubicle if you wanted to save the bathroom floor.  

These days shower doors are built with absolute precision. The modern, top of the range shower door glides on rails. The doors themselves shut with a kind of air lock so there is no chance of a leek on to the bathroom floor and there is definitely no chance of that annoying breeze that used to always find its way through the curtain; the breeze that would stick the curtain onto your body and have you shivering away. Everyone remembers the breeze.

Like all other home products that have improved with time, shower doors have also gone up in price, quite significantly. Shower doors used to be very little more than just windows with aluminium edges fitted into a crude rail. The modern, high spec shower door costs a pretty penny, but it is one those items that is always better to spend that little bit extra on just make that your bathroom is complete.

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