The Advantages Of Floor Heating

There are many guidelines, methods and practises for floor heating systems. The amount of heat that passes through the floor is determined by radiant and convective heat transfer. Convective heat transfer is not constant and over time, it changes depending on the density of the air and its buoyancy. Air buoyancy changes according to temperature of the surface. Transfer of heat by convection is also influenced by the movement of air due to fans and people moving around.

In the past, the weather in South Africa was pleasant all year round with only a couple of months of real discomfort. Now, with global warming, the winters are longer and bone-chillingly cold. Many people know and trust conventional heating systems such as heaters and fireplaces. Conventional heaters use electricity or gas which is harmful to the environment. Gas heaters are particularly prone to explosions and must be handled with care. Children must not be permitted to operate any gas powered appliances. Paraffin and petrol heaters are not recommended because they give off toxic fumes and are very good at catalysing fires. Sadly, these heaters have been the cause for many home fires that resulted in fatalities in rural and developing areas.

Floor heating solutions are also capable of cooling the home and this is why they are a great investment, not just for winter but for summer too. Though floor heating systems can be installed at any time, the best time to install an underfloor heating system is while the house building is still under construction. Only a reliable and experienced contractor should manage the labour involved with this project. Installing such heating systems is a complicated process and it is not recommended for beginner DIY enthusiasts.

A professionally installed underfloor heating system not only provides thermal comfort but also helps to resist the effects of dampness. Walls that are not effectively painted and protected by waterproofing react negatively to moisture and underfloor heating is instrumental in minimising the unattractive results of moisture on the walls. Underfloor heating is expensive but it is indeed, a worthwhile investment.

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