Exploring Skylight Prices

Skylights aid the flow of natural light into the home which reduces the electricity bill. Skylights must of course be strategically located away from trees where the sun will be obstructed and the glass may be damaged due to constant impact by falling fruit and twigs. They must also be able to withstand extreme weather and wet conditions. The best time to install skylights is during the construction of the house but they can also be installed much later if an experienced and professional contractor is consulted to assist with the project.  
As the global community focuses on ways to protect the environment by employing methods and habits that save energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Skylights are an excellent example of such initiatives. Skylights are a little more expensive to install than normal windows on the wall. This is because skylights are made of tougher and sturdier materials and there is a bit more labour involved in installing skylights.  
The price of skylights also depends on the type that the homeowner decides to acquire. Electric ventilating roof lanterns are the most expensive because of their elaborate and complex designs. Roof lanterns are an old tradition in historic architecture. They are very beautiful and can turn any bland home into a palace of style and splendour. Roof lanterns for require regular maintenance and may require services of a window cleaner at least once a month. The frames used in roof lanterns are made from durable materials and the glass itself is a result of advanced technology.

Skylights made with innovative glass such as laminated glass and tempered glass are more expensive than their counterparts who do not employ the same technology. Laminate glass is coated with a thin layer of plastic on both sides so that if the glass should ever break, then the sharp shards will be held in place between the layers of plastic. Tempered glass breaks into small, smooth pieces of glass pebbles that are harmless.

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