Choosing The Best Skylights For The Home

Many homeowners do not even think of adding skylights when considering different ways to renovate the home. Most of them believe skylights are expensive and a hassle to install. Skylights do cost more than conventional windows to install but they have great energy and money saving qualities which means, in the long run, they are a much better investment. They encourage the use of natural light instead of expensive artificial light. There are several types of skylights and it is important for homeowners to familiarise themselves with them in order to make an informed decision about their choice of skylights.

Fixed skylights
These skylights are permanently sealed and never open. They are made of innovative materials such as laminated glass which consists of a layer of plastic that is glued onto the glass so that even if the glass does break, it does not shatter but remains contained in the plastic. Tempered glass is another revolutionary window material. When tempered glass breaks, it does not shatter into sharp shards of glass. It shatters instead into countless smooth pebbles.

Manual ventilating skylights
These skylights open and close to cool the temperature in the house or just to allow a steady flow of fresh air. Manual ventilating skylights can be opened by a cord or other similar technology that cranks the window open and shut. They can slide or swing open.

Electric ventilating skylights
The only difference between manual and electric ventilating skylights is that the latter is operated by remote control and a link to the electricity flow system. They are more expensive in the long run but the convenience they offer makes electric ventilating skylights a favourite in South Africa.

Tube skylights
They are shaped, as the name suggests, like tube that runs from the ceiling through to the roof. There is no need to build a tunnel for tubular skylights. They are usually smaller in size and they are preferred for small rooms and spaces such as hallways, along the staircase and in closets.

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