Your House’s Windows To Heaven

Has your love for the sky persuaded you to want to install Skylights in your house? The view of a room is a representation of the owner’s personality and taste. Lights are the tools we use to enlighten our rooms so that they provide some brightness during the night or in darkness.  
Skylights are normally installed in the roof therefore giving out a beautiful view of the sky; at night you may be able to see the stars from the comfort of your room with less effort. Skylights design ranges are huge and they are made from different materials.  
Materials which are quiet popular in skylights is plastic and glass materials, they differ in the amount of weight they add to the entire structure of the roof because plastic skylights are lighter than glass skylights. The materials used for the skylights can also temper with the weather as other materials absorb more heat than other.  
The two most common skylight types are curb-mounted skylight and the frame-in-place skylight which are both installed on the roofline but in different methods.  
However, if you do not prefer the idea of having a skylight on the roofline there are other designs such as sun tunnel or tubular skylight which are flexible in design making it easy to be installed in other positions in the house such as for bathrooms, small storage rooms and kitchens.
You may choose between doomed or flat shaped skylight. However the structures and strength of the skylight differ in shapes because the doomed shape is stronger built than the flat shaped skylight. Skylights designs also give you options on flexible skylights in terms of the ones which can be opened and those that are more fixed in position.  
Vented skylights can be opened and closed unlike fixed skylights. The installations of skylights can be a bit complicated and needs to be done with caution because it requires creating a hole in the roof, if you do it incorrectly it could damage the roof structure for side rooms and that will cost money to repair.

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